Culture Secretary: No Trigger Warnings in British Books and Theatres


Lucy Frazer Criticizes Trigger Warnings on Shakespeare's Works

UK Culture Secretary, Lucy Frazer, has spoken out against the idea of trigger warnings on the works of Shakespeare, stating that fiction should not be "whitewashed" with warnings of upsetting content. She emphasized that audiences should be treated in an adult way when it comes to experiencing theatre.

Ralph Fiennes Calls for Removal of Trigger Warnings

British actor Ralph Fiennes has also joined the debate, advocating for the removal of trigger warnings from theatres. He believes that audiences should be prepared to be "shocked and disturbed" when watching a play.

Criticism Towards Labour Party and Statue Toppling

Ms. Frazer took a swipe at the Labour Party, accusing them of talking down Britain and wanting to remove statues. She expressed the importance of protecting the country's history and culture, highlighting differences in views between the Conservative government and Labour.

Celebrating British Culture

Defending British culture and creativity, the Culture Secretary expressed her pride in the country and its achievements. She emphasized the need to support and celebrate the fantastic British culture without overly protecting the public from challenging content.