David Cameron Visits Ukraine in First Overseas Trip as Foreign Secretary


Former UK Prime Minister Begins New Role

David Cameron has embarked on his first official visit as Foreign Secretary, traveling to Ukraine to meet with President Volodymyr Zelensky. This comes after Cameron was granted a peerage by King Charles, allowing him to accept the position as Foreign Secretary. The 57-year-old replaced James Cleverly in this role, who has taken over as Britain's new Home Secretary.

Discussions on Weapon Supply and Defense

During their meeting in Kyiv, President Zelensky and Foreign Secretary Cameron discussed the supply of weapons to support Ukraine's forces in their fight against the Russian invasion. The focus was also on strengthening air defense and protecting critical infrastructure. Zelensky expressed his gratitude to the UK for its support in these areas.

A New Chapter for Cameron

David Cameron, who retired as one of the youngest ex-PMs in history, revealed in 2018 that he felt "bored s***less" and had more to contribute. The opportunity to become Foreign Secretary was suggested by allies and has now been realized with the appointment made by Rishi Sunak. As Cameron takes on this role, his wealth of experience will undoubtedly be valuable, despite being often overshadowed by his legacy-defining Brexit gamble.