David Cameron’s Return: Will it Help or Hinder Rishi Sunak?


A Dramatic Reveal

Rishi Sunak's recent government reshuffle took a dramatic turn with the return of former Prime Minister David Cameron. The sight of Cameron stepping out of an armoured Land Rover sent shockwaves through Westminster.

A Big Signal

Bringing back Cameron, who was a prominent figure in the Remain campaign, while sidelining a leading Tory right-winger, is a clear indication of the direction the current administration wants to take.

A Chequered Record

Cameron's actions during the Brexit referendum campaign and his foreign policy decisions have been heavily criticized. However, he also made some significant achievements, such as leading the international coalition against ISIS and training Ukrainian troops.

The Impact on Sunak

It remains to be seen how Cameron's return will affect Sunak's promise to bring about change. For now, No10 sees this as a major victory.