Deputy PM Urges Early Election Amid Tory Wipe Out Fears


Pressure for Early Election

Deputy PM Oliver Dowden is pushing for an early election, urging Rishi Sunak to consider calling it sooner rather than later. Despite the PM's plan for a general election in the second half of the year, concerns over the Tories' standing in the polls have some calling for a vote as early as June or July.

Leadership Flashpoint Ahead

Sources reveal that Dowden and other senior figures have voiced concerns about the party potentially being wiped out. The upcoming local elections on May 2 are expected to be a critical moment, with some ministers speculating that Sunak may choose to call an election rather than face internal opposition.

Timeline for Election

Under UK law, the maximum term for a Parliament is five years. With the last general election held in December 2019, the next automatic dissolution of Parliament is set for December 17, 2024. This means that the latest a general election could take place is January 24, 2025, with a minimum of 25 days notice required before polling day.