EU is not a ‘silver bullet’ to save Britain’s economy, says Sir Keir Starmer


Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, declared that the European Union is not a magical solution to rescue Britain's struggling economy during a speech in London. He emphasized that it would be a mistake to solely blame the country's cost of living issues on Brexit. Sir Keir made it clear that he would not seek to rejoin the EU, but instead, a Labour government would focus on forging closer economic ties to stimulate growth.

Strict fiscal rules for Labour's green initiatives

Sir Keir Starmer also addressed his party's plan to invest £28 billion per year in green initiatives, assuring that it would be subject to strict fiscal rules. This comes in response to criticism from Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, who argued that Labour's "Green Prosperity Plan" would lead to inflation and debt. Sir Keir expressed confidence that by turbocharging economic growth, the necessary investment could be achieved within these fiscal boundaries. The £28 billion investment would be gradually increased in the second half of the Parliament.

Defending a compliment to Margaret Thatcher

During a Q&A session following his speech, Sir Keir Starmer defended himself against criticism for complimenting former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He stated that while he acknowledged her impact on entrepreneurship in the country, it did not mean he agreed with her policies. Conservative MPs criticized his willingness to campaign for Jeremy Corbyn while also praising the Iron Lady, while some Labour politicians on the left deemed his comments to be insulting. Sir Keir responded by asserting that recognizing someone's mission and plan does not require agreement with their actions.