Former Labour minister calls Jeremy Corbyn a threat to national security as he urges voters to support Boris Johnson


A FORMER Labour minister has called for Brits to vote for Boris Johnson because Jeremy Corbyn is a threat to British security.

Tom Harris branded the hard-left Labour boss an extremist and said the idea of a Corbyn government chills me to the bone.

Tom Harris has said the idea of Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM ‘chills him to the bone’

Jeremy Corbyn has been branded an extremist by a former Labour minister

Mr Corbyn has been branded an ‘extremist’ by the former Labour minister

The devastating attack comes just a week after former Labour MPs Ian Austin and John Woodcock also urged Brits to back the Tories.

It also comes hours after Mr Corbyn provoked outrage by saying ISIS terror chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who died in a US raid, should have been arrested.

Mr Harris, who served under Gordon Brown and Tony Blair,told BBC Radio Scotlands Good Morning Scotland programme: He is not someone who can be trusted with the security of the nation as far as defence is concerned, he is a man who has instinctively sided with our countrys enemies over the years he has been an MP.

The idea of him becoming Prime Minister just chills me to the bone.

The only way of stopping Corbyn becoming Prime Minister is to vote for Boris Johnsons Conservatives, it is a very simple, logical conclusion.

He warned the US security services will freeze Britain out if Mr Corbyn becomes PM.

And he furiously accused the Labour leader of being prepared to rip the United Kingdom apart by handing Nicola Sturgeon another independence in return for a sniff at power.

He said: I opposed him strongly even before he talked about him betraying the Scottish people and the Scottish Labour Party by allowing a second referendum, but yes, that does add to the many reasons to vote against the Labour Party.

Tom Harris has called on people to vote for Boris Johnson's Conservative Party in the General Election

Tom Harris has called on people to vote for Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party in the General Election