Free dental check-ups to be offered to everyone in England under Labour plans


FREE dental check-ups will be offered to everyone in England under Labour plans.

A check for oral cancer will be included in the MoT which will cost around 450million, the industry says.

Free dental check-ups for everyone under Labour plans

Labour will scrap fees for procedures such as X-rays, teeth polishing and examinations that currently cost 22.70.

The move will encourage more people to go to the dentist as one in five cant afford to go.

Nearly 400,000 patients visit their GPs with toothache each year, costing 20 million. A further 18 million is spent on 135,000 patients attending hospital due to dental issues.

Free dental check-ups would also reduce the number of people partaking in so-called DIY dentistry, the shadow health secretary said.

Jonathan Ashworth said: Its shocking that so called DIY dentistry is becoming so common with people resorting to doing their own fillings and seriously risking their teeth deteriorating further.”

With 135,000 patients presenting at A&E with dental problems every year, its time we put prevention at the heart of our approach to dental health.”

People should not be risking their teeth because they cant afford the care. With Labour, dental check-up fees will be scrapped as we help people live healthier lives.

The party added that their full pledge on NHS England funding will be laid out in their manifesto, expected to be published this week.

The dentistry pledge is in addition to the 26 billion NHS spend already announced.

At the moment only kids, pregnant women, young mums and people on low-income benefits are eligible for free MoTs. Tories say the plan will hit taxpayers.