Furious French minister SCRAPS meeting with Priti Patel over solving Channel migrant crisis


FURIOUS France has scrapped a meeting with Priti Patel over solving the Channel migrant crisis.

French interior minister Gerald Darmanin has cancelled planned talks with the Home Secretary on Sunday.

Priti Patel was due to meet European ministers in Calais on Sunday
Gerald Darmanin has scrapped the talks in fury over the PM’s letter

Paris blew its top after Boris Johnson published a letter that he send to Emmanuel Macron last night.

In the note the PM asked for joint Navy patrols in the Channel and to put UK boots on French beaches.

Mrs Patel was supposed to meet ministers from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium.

But last night Mr Darmanind disinvited her in response to the letter, which he called a “disappointment”.

In a note to the Home Office he fumed: “Making it public made it even worse. I therefore need to cancel our meeting in Calais on Sunday.”

Transport secretary Grant Shapps urged Paris to “reconsider”.

He said: “Clearly we’ll speak to our French neighbours, but I can’t really think why anybody wouldn’t want to set up a joint intelligence cell.

“I really hope we’ll find a route to ensure this can be properly discussed.

“It can’t be resolved unless we’re talking so I do very much hope a route is found to ensure that can happen.”

The major row comes after 27 people drowned when their dinghy capsized trying to reach British shores on Wednesday.