Government task forces urgently trying to find a way to reopen pubs, restaurants and beauty salons


FIVE task forces are urgently trying to find a way of reopening pubs, beauty salons and gyms buckling under the coronavirus shutdown.

The government teams have been set up headed by ministers.

Government teams are pursuing how to reopen businesses buckling under coronavirus such as pubs

They will pursue how to reopen pubs, restaurants and hotels, non-essential retail such as salons, leisure facilities, places of worship and the aviation industry.

The sectors face being shut for months longer because confined indoor spaces carry a much higher risk of transmission of Covid-19.

Places such as pubs and hairdressers will not be reopened until July 4 at the earliest.

But even then they will face very restrictive social distancing measures in order to open.

HOAR revealed last week that gyms face being shut until at least the autumn because government scientists have categorised them as one of the worst places for the spread of the virus.

But the Cabinet Office said it was part of the Government’s “ambition to open as many of these businesses and public places as possible, when the scientific advice provided allows”.

But many staff in the hardest-hit industries such as gyms and nightclubs have been given little reassurance of when they might be able to return to their jobs.

Those furloughed will continue to receive 80 per cent of their wages until October – but only if their employer keeps them on the job retention scheme.

And from August the employer will have to start contributing to the furloughed wages, triggering calls on the Chancellor to give some sectors special treatment.