I’ll work day and night to build on the freedoms of Brexit to rebuild our economy

Britain's Chancellor Rishi Sunak smiles, during a visit to the Emma Bridgewater pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, Monday, Sept. 14, 2020. Employees at the factory are now back at work after being furloughed due to the coronavirus outbreak. (Andrew Fox/Pool Photo via AP)

IN 2016 our country was offered a choice — remain shackled to the European Union, or go for the sunny uplands, free to make our own rules and master our destiny.

As a newly elected MP, I was told it would be the end of my political career if I backed the Leave campaign.

I can deliver the growth we need to beat inflation

But I did it anyway, because I believed that our country would flourish.

Now, standing to lead this great country as Prime Minister, I make a pledge to work day and night to build on the freedoms we fought so hard to get.

We got Brexit done, now I’ll make Brexit sing. We’ve got to start by rebuilding the economy.

As Chancellor, I seized the opportunities Brexit provided us.

I created 11 freeports across the country to turbocharge economic growth.

And our new position outside of the EU enabled me to reform how we tax alcohol — and I took the decision last year to cut the price of a pint at the pub. As Prime Minister, I would go further.

I would cut unnecessary bureaucracy and improve regulation to help make the United Kingdom the best place in the world to invest and start a business.

And I can deliver the growth we need to beat inflation, cut taxes and radically reform our public services because I’ve got the plan to do it.

I’ve got a proven track record of delivery. But, we can only realise the full benefits of Brexit with a Conservative ­government that believes in these opportunities, and has a clear vision on how to deliver them.

Labour does not. I am the only candidate standing in this contest that can beat Labour at the next election and make sure that post-Brexit, the United Kingdom can once again become the high-growth, low-tax country that all of us in the Conservative party want us to be.

We’ve done a lot to make the most of Brexit, but there is so much more we can achieve and as a true Brexiteer, I’m the one who can do it.