Inside fight against rise of incels as DOZENS of women-haters are monitored under terror programme for first time

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DOZENS of sick women haters were flagged to the government’s anti-terror scheme Prevent last year, according to shocking new stats.

Between April 2021 and March 2022, 77 men were identified as “incels” at risk of becoming terrorists because of their unhinged sexist views.

More than 70 sick women haters were flagged to the government’s anti-terror scheme Prevent last year

Today is the first time figures on the number of incels referred to Prevent have been released.

Previously, there was no category for woman haters on the government-led safeguarding programme, despite calls from MPs for its scope to expand beyond Islamic extremism.

Incel refers to “involuntary celibates”, with the movement labelled a hate group as many followers believe they are owed sex by women.

Incels believe they have no possibility of finding a partner to get sex, love, validation or acceptance from.

In turn, this makes some Incels want to strike out at the world because they have been rejected by women, while others blame attractive men for their perceived problems.

The Prevent figures come just one week after a shooter roamed the streets in Plymouth with a shotgun before killing five people in a eight-minute rampage.

Three-year-old Sophie Martyn, her father, Lee, 43, Stephen Washington, 59, and Kate Shepherd, 66, all died in the horror.

Shooter Jake Davison, 22, also killed his 51-year-old mother Maxine before turning the gun on himself.

After Davison’s death, it was suggested the crane operator had a grim obsession with “incel” culture.

Of the incels referred to Prevent in the last year, three were aged below 15.

The majority, 30, were aged between 21 – 30 years old, while only one incel fell into the 51 – 60 year old bracket.

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