Jeremy Corbyn ridiculed over ‘delusional’ claim coronavirus crisis has vindicated his barmy policies


JEREMY Corbyn was today ridiculed over his “delusional” claim the coronavirus crisis has vindicated his barmy economic policies.

The Labour leader said the Government’s massive bailout package for workers and businesses proved he was “absolutely right” on public sending levels.

Jeremy Corbyn claimed the coronavirus response showed Labour were right to go for big spending

But opponents said the left-winger’s policies would have left the nation broke and unable to cope with such a major challenge.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith told HOAR: “What Jeremy Corbyn said was both arrogant and wrong.

“If he now believes that, when what we are engaged in at the moment is as a result of this incredible health and economic crisis unprecedented in modern times, then at the last election what he was really offering was a vision of an economically bankrupt country.

“No wonder the British people sensibly rejected his views.”

Tory MP Rob Roberts said the outgoing Labour leader was “delusional to the end”.

He fumed: “We are taking these extraordinary steps in a time of crisis. You wanted to make them normal.

“I’m so glad the people saw through your destructive policies at every election you fought. Unbelievable.”

And fellow Tory MP Alicia Kearns mocked: “Corbyn fails to understand even the basics.”

The Labour leader’s claims were also dismissed by leading economists.

The leftie boss said just before he stepped down that he was right about spending

Julian Jessop from the Institute of Economic Affairs said: “As usual, he’s missing the point.

“The current increase in Government spending is only a temporary stopgap until the emergency health measures can be removed and the market economy rebooted again.

“In contrast, Labour was proposing a permanent increase in the size and role of the state.

“The costs of the individual measures being taken today are still relatively small compared to many of Labour’s proposals. In short, Corbyn is still wrong.”