Jeremy Corbyn says not all terrorists should serve full prison sentences after London Bridge attack


JEREMY Corbyn has said that not all terrorists should serve their full sentences in prison, after Boris Johnson urged a crackdown in the wake of the London Bridge attack.

The Labour boss said it “depends on the circumstances” and “what they’ve done in prison”.

Corbyn has said not all terrorists should serve a full sentence in prison
Boris Johnson and Priti Patel visit the scene of the London Bridge terror attack
London Bridge attacker Usman Khan, 28, was convicted in 2012 for terrorism offences

The Prime Minister has called for toughening up of laws to make sure that anyone convinced of terror should have to serve every day of their sentences, or a minimum of 14 years.

It emerged that the terrorist in Friday’s terrifying attack Usman Khan had been released from prison last December, after he was convinced of a plan to bomb the London stock exchange.

He served just eight years in jail, but his original sentence was meant to be 16.

He told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “I think it depends on the circumstances, it depends on the sentence but crucially depends on what theyve done in prison.”

But he did back the shooting dead of the terrorist, who was wearing a fake suicide belt during his rampage.

Mr Corbyn, who has previously expressed his disapproval of shoot-to-kill tactics, said: “They had no choice, there was a credible threat of a bomb belt.”

He added: “Police have to take what action they can to defend people.”

The Labour boss also said he was concerned about the practise of stripping British jihadis like Shamima Begum of their citizenship.

He told the programme: “If you strip away their citizenship, where are they going to go? They are then going to become stateless people roaming around into ungoverned places”.

Elsewhere in the interview he:

  • Admitted he wouldn’t stay completely neutral in a second Brexit referendum and would cast his own ballot
  • Bizarrely claimed the scrapping of the 250 a year marriage tax allowance was NOT a tax rise
  • Said he wished the party had acted on anti-Semitism quicker at the start of his reign as leader
  • Backed Patrick Vieira to be the next manager of Arsenal

Usman Khan, third from the right, was arrested in 2012 along with his Al Qaeda cell, pictured
London Bridge terrorist Usman Khan, circled, was arrested in 2012 along with his Al Qaeda cell, pictured
Usman Khan was wielding two knives when he was eventually pinned down on London Bridge on November 29