Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer Calls for Small Boat People Smugglers to be Treated like Terrorists Attacking Britain


Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party, has declared that small boat people smugglers should be treated like terrorists attacking Britain. In an exclusive interview with The Sun, he promises to tackle "the evil criminal gangs making a mockery of us all" if he were to win power in the upcoming elections.

A New Cross-Border Police Force

Sir Keir Starmer plans to establish a new Cross-Border Police force that can act swiftly against people smugglers operating in European countries. He aims to deploy British forces on the continent to clamp down on these criminal networks, wherever they may be.

Changing the Law

The opposition leader also vows to change the law to enable the detention and restriction of movement for people smugglers, similar to measures used for terror suspects. By doing so, he hopes to disrupt their activities and protect national security.

Collaboration with European Crimefighters

Today, Sir Keir Starmer will meet with European crimefighters from Europol in the Hague to outline his plans for the small boat fighting force. This force would collaborate with British intelligence agency GCHQ to monitor the plans and activities of these criminal gangs.

A New Security Agreement with Europe

Sir Keir calls his proposal a "Security Agreement with Europe," and it marks his first significant intervention regarding the illegal migration crisis plaguing Britain's coast and hotels. He emphasizes the need to prioritize tackling the threat of people smugglers, just as we do with climate change, terrorism, and hostile foreign powers.

Challenges Ahead

This proposed deal will require the approval of the EU, which means there may be more challenging negotiations with Brussels. Sir Keir plans to pitch the idea during talks with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris next week, aiming to gain support for this crucial security initiative.

Funding and Expertise

The Labour Party states that they will fund this new scheme with money currently allocated for the Rwanda deportation plan, which has yet to lead to a single channel migrant being deported to the African state for processing. Sir Keir highlights his experience as Britain's former chief prosecutor, successfully prosecuting drug dealers and terrorists, as evidence of his qualifications to handle the small boat crisis.

A source from the Labour Party adds, "Keir has been there and done this before, he knows the criminal gang playbook and how to smash their business model. As DPP, he brought international agencies together to intercept global drug networks and stop gun smuggling at the source. As Prime Minister, he'll be twice as ruthless in breaking them up. UK borders will be secure with him."

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