Labours latest giveaway policy will force bosses to let staff ditch work so they can take lessons in any subject


BOSSES will be forced to let their staff ditch work so they can take lessons in whatever they want under Labours latest giveaway policy.

Under the plans, being announced by Jeremy Corbyn tomorrow, workers will notch up education time over the course of the year in the same way they get their holidays.

Jeremy Corbyn will announce plans for workers to earn ‘education time’ in the same way they earn holidays

They will be able to spend those weeks off in the classroom studying whatever they want – even if it has nothing to do with their job.

He will also announce plans for taxpayers to foot the bill to send school drop outs back to the classroom so they can get their A Levels.

While he will also commit the state to paying for every adult to study for six years at university level or higher.

The pledges are part of Labours plans to create a new cradle to grave education system.

Labour are also vowing to scrap Ofsted and SATs tests for primary school kids and to slash classroom sizes.

Speaking in Blackpool tomorrow, Mr Corbyn will say: I see education like an escalator running alongside you throughout life, that you can get on and off whenever you want.

But Education Secretary Gavin Williamson blasted the policy, warning it is totally undeliverable.

He said: Corbyns Labour is making promises that it simply wont be able to fulfil.

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has warned

Education Secretary Gavin Williamson has warned that the policy is totally undeliverable