Owners to Face Stricter Restrictions for American XL Bullies Once Ban is Enacted


Tougher Criteria for Exemption

Owners of American XL Bullies will face stricter restrictions in order to keep their pets once the ban on the breed comes into effect. The government announced that the current criteria for exemption will be tightened, reducing the number of aggressive canines that are exempted from the ban.

Existing Owners Granted Dispensation

While the breed will be banned by the end of the year, current owners will have the opportunity to apply for dispensation under the Dangerous Dogs Act. However, Environment Secretary Therese Coffey expressed concern that the existing exemption system has failed to effectively regulate dangerous breeds. She emphasized the need to prevent an increase in the number of exempted dogs, which has risen significantly over the past decade.

Reviewing Enforcement Guidance

Coffey also announced that the government will review its guidance to enforcers of the law. This review aims to strengthen the enforcement of regulations related to banned breeds and prevent any loopholes that allow dangerous dogs to remain in the community. Downing Street emphasized the importance of safely managing the existing population of XL bullies during the transition period.

Defining the Dangerous Breed

Officials are currently working on defining the specific characteristics of the dangerous breed that has been responsible for a recent spate of attacks. This definition will help enforcers identify and regulate these breeds effectively.

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