Police to Reassess Claims Angela Rayner Breached Law by Living in Two Former Council Houses


Escalating Scandal

The controversy surrounding Angela Rayner's two homes took a new turn as police announced they would reexamine whether she violated the law.

Formal Probe Possible

Following complaints, authorities will reconsider launching a formal investigation into whether the deputy Labour leader broke electoral laws while residing between two former council houses in Stockport.

Increasing Pressure

Questions have arisen about why Rayner did not pay capital gains tax when selling her right-to-buy property in 2015, with neighbors disputing her claim that the house was her primary residence.

Police Review

A detective chief inspector has been assigned to the case, signaling a potential formal inquiry into the allegations against Rayner.

Rayner's Response

Last week, Rayner defended herself, stating that she had not broken any rules and accused the Tories of orchestrating a smear campaign against her.

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