Poorer Areas Face Greater Risk of Being Banned from Gambling in New Clampdown



Punters from poorer areas are facing a higher risk of being banned from gambling as part of new measures aimed at tackling addiction and financial vulnerability. The reforms, outlined in Rishi Sunak's Gambling White Paper, will require up to one in five betting accounts to undergo financial checks.

Deprived Areas Targeted

Under the proposed reforms, individuals from deprived areas are more likely to have their details scrutinized. The government plans to use postcode affluence as a factor in determining a person's "risk profile."

Tough Measures

The Gambling White Paper introduces vulnerability checks for individuals who lose £125 within a month or £500 within a year. Those deemed financially at-risk could face a complete ban on betting.

Postcode Affluence

The fine print of the plan reveals that affordability checks must include "geodemographic data," such as information about the postcode area and deprivation index, to identify potential financial risks.

Backlash and Petition

Some critics have condemned the proposals as a "postcode lottery" and discriminatory. Horseracing broadcaster Lydia Hislop has started a petition urging MPs to scrap the checks. The British Horseracing Authority also voiced concerns, stating that assessing gambling risk based on postcode or job title is inappropriate and sets a dangerous precedent.

Protecting Freedom of Choice

Opponents argue that millions of people enjoy betting on horseracing without suffering any harm and that the proposed measures infringe on individuals' freedom to spend their own money as they wish.

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