Priti Patel says it is her job to make Channel crossings ‘unattractive’ for migrants


PRITI Patel says its her job to make cross-Channel crossings “unattractive” for migrants to prevent them coming here.

The Home Secretary says these tactic over the long-term aims to “crush the ability” of organised crime gangs to traffic people over to the UK.

Priti Patel says the tactic is to ‘crush the ability’ of organised crime gangs to traffic people over to the UK

Patel praised officials this week as plans are drawn up for vessels to be intercepted and turned back towards France which sparked a diplomatic row.

She made the comments in a letter to Border Force officials telling them they have her “full support” as they tackle the growing problem.

She backed them for their “incredible work” in devising tactics “to protect our country’s borders”.

She wrote: “In order to eliminate the risk of making the crossing in the long-term we must make this route unattractive in the first place.”

She added:  “The fact is we must stop these unsafe, unnecessary and criminally-facilitated crossings of the Channel by small boat.”

Ministers are also set on spending £200 million on new vessels including £18 million on drones.

The biggest spend comes on replacing the existing cutter fleet.

A group of migrants are rescued by the UK border force while crossing the Channel

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