Protesters Recruit Professors for Campus Disruption Campaign


Just Stop Oil protesters aim to shake up universities this autumn

Just Stop Oil protesters are enlisting the help of sympathetic professors in their upcoming campaign of disruption on college campuses. The student supporters plan to target lectures and campus facilities throughout the month of October.

Stunt-filled Campaign to Draw Attention to Cause

The goal of the protesters is to carry out a high-impact stunt every other day in order to bring attention to their cause. Insiders have revealed that the group is actively recruiting professors to join their efforts.

Professors Called Upon to Support Protest Movement

During an online meeting, a student supporter stated, "We believe that buildings, classes, and ceremonies would be great places for our protests. We already have a number of university lecturers and professors in our ranks and we need their help to join us."

Shift in Focus from Roads and Trains to Education

Over the past year, Just Stop Oil has transitioned from blocking roads and disrupting trains to invading sporting and other events. Now, the group is shifting its attention to higher education, asserting that "students and young people have been the driving force of change throughout history."

London Universities Top the List of Targets

Imperial College London and London Metropolitan University are among the primary targets of the protesters. These institutions have been accused of continuing to invest in fossil fuels despite calls for divestment.

Previous Disruptions at Graduation Ceremonies

Last month, lone protesters caused disruptions during graduation ceremonies at Lancaster and Exeter universities. These episodes served as a precursor to the upcoming campaign on campuses.