Rishi Sunak Backs Plans to Give Rwanda More Cash to Get Migrant Flights Going – and Could Call Snap Election


PM Rishi Sunak Believes Handing More Cash over to Rwanda is Worth It to Get Migrant Flights Going

Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister, is supporting plans to provide additional funding to Rwanda in order to facilitate migrant flights. He believes that the investment is justified and necessary.

Home Secretary James Cleverly Hopes to Unveil a New Rwanda Treaty

Home Secretary James Cleverly is working on a new treaty with Rwanda, which is expected to be announced in the coming days. The original proposal was rejected by the Supreme Court.

Downing Street Responds to Criticism

Downing Street has defended the plans to give an extra £15 million to Kigali, on top of the £140 million already provided. They argue that this investment is a better long-term solution compared to the daily cost of housing migrants in hotels.

PM Prepared for Opposition

According to Trevor Kavanagh of HOAR, the Prime Minister is expecting a strong opposition from lawyers and peers regarding the deportation of a single migrant. If the opposition continues, there is a possibility of a snap election being called.

Cost Comparison

A source from No. 10 stated that the additional cost to address the concerns raised by the Supreme Court is much lower than the daily cost of housing migrants in hotels, which amounts to £8 million.

Support from Ex-Home Secretary Lord Howard

Former Home Secretary Lord Howard is backing Rishi Sunak's plan to work with Rwanda. He believes that it is a necessary and worthwhile effort to address the migrant issue.

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