Rishi Sunak distances himself from Home Secretary’s claim that rough sleeping is a “lifestyle choice”


Prime Minister emphasizes commitment to tackling homelessness

During a visit to the Bacton Gas Terminal in North Norfolk, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak distanced himself from Home Secretary Suella Braverman's controversial remark that rough sleeping is sometimes a "lifestyle choice." Sunak made it clear that he does not want anyone to sleep rough on the streets and highlighted the government's investment of £2 billion to address homelessness and rough sleeping. He also acknowledged that there is still more work to be done to ensure that nobody has to sleep rough.

Energy Secretary also distances herself from the remarks

Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho, who has previously worked in social justice, echoed Sunak's sentiment and expressed her disagreement with the language used by Braverman. Coutinho emphasized that the reasons behind homelessness are complex and varied, and it is not appropriate to label it as a "lifestyle choice."

Controversial plans to ban homeless people sleeping in tents

Suella Braverman faced criticism after announcing plans to ban homeless people from sleeping in tents on the street. The ban, set to be established as a civil offence, has sparked backlash from politicians across the political spectrum and charities. Many argue that the solution to homelessness lies in building more affordable homes and providing accommodation and support for those with complex needs, rather than removing tents.

Braverman defends her stance as part of a wider plan

In response to the criticism, Suella Braverman defended her position, stating that the ban on tents is part of a broader strategy to end rough sleeping. She emphasized that the government will continue to support those who are genuinely homeless but cannot allow the streets to be overtaken by rows of tents occupied by people, including many from abroad, who choose to live on the streets.