Rishi Sunak is tearing through Labour lead and could push election into hung parliament, poll reveals

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RISHI Sunak is tearing chunks out of Labour’s polling lead and could push the next election into a hung parliament, according to a new poll.

The survey by Best for Britain found if a general election was held today, Sir Keir Starmer’s party would win a 470 seat landslide.

Rishi Sunak is tearing through Labour’s lead in the polls, according to a new survey out today

But the Labour chief’s support is fading “everywhere” as the PM wins back voters who deserted the Tories under predecessor Liz Truss.

The poll of 10,140 voters is the first to take into account new constituency boundaries, which will be used for the first time at next year’s general election.

If undecided voters are removed from the picture and the right-wing Reform party stands down candidates in marginal seats, then Westminster is on course for a hung parliament.

Labour would win 316 seats, with the Tories on 286.

In Scotland swathes of voters are moving from the SNP to undecided, paving the way for Labour to pick up 31 seats.

New constituencies mean new battlegrounds have been drawn.

A mega 206 of 632 seats in Britain are marginals.

Of those, Labour is currently placing first or second in 197.

Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith said: “That Labour lead is significant, but smaller than the last time.

“Labour’s lead has shrunk and that’s largely from our read of our data because Mr Sunak has managed to win back some of those Tory voters distracted by the Truss-Kwarteng disaster budget.

“Labour’s margins are falling everywhere.”

Luke Tryl, UK Director of the More In Common think tank said the word Brits associate with Starmer is “meh”.

“His voice grates with a lot of people,” Mr Tryl added.

He also said that Boris Johnson’s allegation that Sir Keir failed to prosecute the disgraced dead paedophile Jimmy Saville “has stuck with the electorate”.

The major poll comes as Mr Sunak is in Washington DC for talks with US President Joe Biden.

The pair – who have already met three times since the PM got to No10 – are set to discuss a new economic alliance, global regulation of AI, and the ongoing war in Ukraine.