Rishi Sunak Promises Common Sense as He Scraps A-Levels, HS2 Sections, and Condemns Keir Starmer and Woke Mob


Radical Reform

Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister, has vowed to bring back common sense as he slashes A-levels, HS2 sections, and takes on woke extremists. In his passionate first speech at the Conservative Party Conference, Sunak promised bold and radical change, even if it means blowing up consensus politics.

Bold and Radical

Sunak, in a fearless move, challenged the cautious leadership of the Labour party and declared his determination to be bold and radical. He also vowed to resist the pressure from trans activists, stating that common sense dictates that a man is a man and a woman is a woman.

Education Reforms Afoot

In addition to his plans for HS2 and tackling woke culture, Sunak also announced significant education reforms. A-levels will be replaced by an Advanced British Standard, where students will have the opportunity to specialize and include vocational classes. These changes aim to provide a more effective education system for the next generation.

Tackling Smoking and NHS

As part of Sunak's common sense approach, he plans to ban youngsters from smoking and reform the current A-level system. He argued that this decision would save lives and highlighted the high cost of smoking to the UK. Sunak also addressed the ongoing issue with striking BMA doctors, emphasizing that their strike is more about politics than patient care.

Slamming Keir Starmer and Brussels Rule

Sunak did not hold back in his criticism of Sir Keir Starmer, branding him the epitome of the political status quo. He warned that Labour's agenda would drag the UK back under Brussels rule and emphasized the need for fundamental change. Sunak stated that it is time for a new approach that breaks away from the power-hungry politics of the past.

HS2 Scrapped and Funding Rerouted

In a policy blitz, Sunak confirmed the cancellation of the Manchester leg of HS2 due to changes in business travel post-Covid. However, the £36 billion budget will be redirected towards various road and rail projects, including the development of "Network North" and connecting 50 stations in the North and Midlands.

Overall, Sunak's speech showcased his determination to bring back common sense, challenge the status quo, and make radical changes for the benefit of the country.