Rishi Sunak urged to increase defence spending to protect Britons, says ex-army chief


General Dannatt calls for action

Former British army chief, General Richard Dannatt, is urging Rishi Sunak to boost defence spending to safeguard the nation from looming threats, criticizing the Government's "failure of leadership" in national defence.

Concerns over preparedness

Amid warnings of a "pre-war world" and growing concerns about Russia, China, and Iran, ex-armed forces minister James Heappey highlighted the UK's lack of preparedness for potential conflicts, emphasizing the need for increased defence spending.

Pressure on the Government

Lord Dannatt stressed the importance of escalating defence budget from 2.2% to 2.5% of GDP, and even potentially up to 4%, to ensure the country's security and readiness in the face of escalating global tensions.

Cold War lessons

Reflecting on history, Dannatt pointed out that the Cold War remained "cold" due to strong defence capabilities, suggesting that a similar approach is needed in today's uncertain geopolitical landscape.

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