Rishi Sunak warns of “mob rule” replacing democratic rule, demands tougher police action


Safety protocols and increased patrols announced

Rishi Sunak has issued a "Democratic Policing Protocol" for protest situations, emphasizing the need to disperse demonstrations outside MPs' homes and prevent disruptions at political events. Patrols in key areas will be heightened, and officers will receive updated guidelines on their powers.

"We must protect our democracy and values," says Sunak

Concerned about the rise in violent and intimidatory behavior targeting elected representatives, Sunak stressed the importance of combatting such actions to safeguard democratic processes. He vowed to take necessary measures to uphold democracy and cherished values.

Calls for addressing root causes and visible policing

Justice Minister Mike Freer criticized the government's security approach, emphasizing the need to address underlying issues to prevent a mere "ring of steel" around MPs. He called for more visible policing to deter threats in real-time, rather than relying on post-event arrests.

Pushback against working from home suggestion

Responding to Labour MP Harriet Harman's suggestion for MPs to work from home due to safety concerns, Sunak's press secretary labeled the idea "appalling." Emphasis was placed on the importance of maintaining public engagement and visibility in the democratic process.

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