Robert Jenrick accuses Rishi Sunak of misleading public over Rwanda plan


Former ally accuses PM of pretending new legislation will work

Robert Jenrick, a former ally of Rishi Sunak, has accused the Prime Minister of misleading the public over legislation aimed at deporting small boat migrants to Rwanda. Jenrick claims that Sunak is pretending that the new legislation will be effective, despite knowing that it won't. Critics of the bill are concerned about whether potential deportees will have the ability to personally appeal.

Jenrick: "A political choice has been made to bring forward a bill that doesn’t do the job"

In a blow to the PM’s emergency legislation, Jenrick stated, "A political choice has been made to bring forward a bill that doesn’t do the job." He also accused the PM of being afraid of criticism for taking a harder line on the European Convention on Human Rights, saying, "We’re not sent to Parliament to be concerned about our reputations on the gilded international circuit."

Sunak allies accuse Jenrick of furthering his own career

Some allies of Rishi Sunak have accused Robert Jenrick of criticizing the legislation to further his own career. However, a friend of Jenrick's defended him, stating that he had acted on principle. MPs are currently examining the details of Sunak's bill, which seeks to declare Rwanda a safe country to deport migrants to.

Debate over the bill continues

The bill has faced criticism from both right-wing politicians who want it toughened up and left-wing Tories who want it watered down. A key point of contention is whether potential deportees will have the power to personally appeal. Proponents of the bill claim that fewer than one in 200 would be able to successfully appeal under the new law.

Jenrick will not support the bill in its current form

Robert Jenrick has confirmed that he will not support the bill in its current form and is expected to abstain from voting on Tuesday. Other MPs have suggested that they will vote for the bill but seek to amend it later. Michael Gove has defended the legislation and expressed confidence in Conservative support for the plans.

Labour will whip to vote against the bill

The Labour Party will vote against the bill, meaning that a rebellion by just 28 Tories could defeat the legislation, which is central to Rishi Sunak's scheme.

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