Rwanda will continue taking illegal migrants even if Britain quits European Court of Human Rights


Rwanda supports UK's decision to potentially leave ECHR

Rwanda has given the green light to Rishi Sunak's threat of leaving the ECHR if its judges try to block removal flights, dismissing fears of pulling the plug on the immigration scheme.

New deal signed in Kigali

Home Secretary James Cleverly and Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta signed a new deal on a reworked asylum scheme in Kigali last December, ensuring continued cooperation regardless of ECHR membership.

UK to meet international law obligations

Under the deal, the UK would need to meet its obligations to the UN Convention of refugees and other human rights conventions, aligning with Rwanda's stance on lawful action.

Pressure on PM to include ECHR exit in manifesto

Rwanda's support adds pressure on the PM to include leaving the European court in the manifesto, with Tory MPs praising the move to prioritize UK law and border security.

Concerns raised by Labour MPs

However, Labour MPs have expressed concern over the potential disregard for the rule of law and the UK's commitment to human rights if the ECHR is left.