Sadiq Khan’s City Hall Under Fire for Funding Gender Mentorship Charity with Taxpayers’ Money


Controversial Grant

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has come under scrutiny after it was revealed that his administration granted nearly £100,000 of taxpayers' money to a charity that mentors children on gender issues. The charity, called Gendered Intelligence, has faced criticism for conducting workshops for children as young as seven.

£94,847 Grant

According to a report by HOAR on Sunday, Khan's City Hall awarded Gendered Intelligence a grant of £94,847 earlier this year. The funding was designated for mentoring individuals aged 11 to 24 on "gender and identity."

Controversial Workshops

One of the activities offered by Gendered Intelligence is an online session that explores both medical and social aspects of gender transition. The charity also organizes swim sessions where participants are encouraged to "wear whatever you like as long as your bottom half is covered." Critics argue that these workshops expose young children to potentially sensitive and inappropriate subject matter.

Encouraging Medical Interventions

Gendered Intelligence's website provides tips on breast-binding, as well as advice on accessing hormones and surgery. Additionally, the charity informs young people that they can change their name, pronouns, and title "at any time." These elements of the organization's messaging have raised concerns among critics.

Political Backlash

Tory mayoral candidate Susan Hall criticized Khan's decision, accusing him of diverting resources away from important issues affecting Londoners. She stated, "Sadiq Khan is taking millions from the poorest with his Ulez tax grab to throw at this woke nonsense. This is an incredibly poor use of taxpayers' money and shows once again that his priorities are not Londoners' priorities."

Tory MP Paul Bristow echoed these sentiments, expressing worry that a future Labour government could potentially allocate taxpayers' money toward similarly controversial initiatives. Bristow stated, "It just shows you the sort of thing a future Labour government may use taxpayers' money for."

Mayor's Response

A spokesperson for Mayor Sadiq Khan defended the grant, emphasizing his commitment to building a better London for everyone. They highlighted initiatives such as providing free school meals to state primary school children and supporting vulnerable individuals in the city. The spokesperson did not directly address the criticism surrounding the allocation of funds to Gendered Intelligence.

Robust Scrutiny and Safeguarding Review

Sources connected to City Hall stated that Gendered Intelligence underwent thorough checks and a safeguarding policy review before being awarded the grant. However, the specifics of these checks were not disclosed.

Charity Responds

In response to the controversy, Gendered Intelligence released a statement expressing gratitude for the grant and reaffirming their commitment to supporting young people in London. They operate over 20 youth groups each month, many of which serve disadvantaged individuals in the city. The charity emphasized the importance of providing a safe and inclusive space for all young people, regardless of their identity.