Second Brexit referendum would inflict catastrophe on our divided country


Second’s out

JUST as Remainer MPs arrive in Brussels, shamefully hoping to sabotage knife-edge negotiations, a landmark poll destroys their case for a second referendum.

The Peoples Vote mob have repeatedly told the world that Britain has changed its mind and is itching to reverse Brexit. It is Grade A cobblers.

A group led by arch-Europhile Tory rebel Dominic Grieve pleaded with Brussels for an extension

The biggest, most definitive survey in three years shows 50 per cent back Leave (30 for a deal, 20 for No Deal) with 42 Remain and eight dont knows.

But by an even bigger margin, 54 to 32, the public wants the 2016 result enacted.

Which might also explain why the Tories are 15 points ahead in another poll and Boris Johnson leads as best PM in every single region, class and age category including even the 18-24s.

A second referendum would inflict catastrophe on our divided country.

Those MPs who champion it out of myopic loyalty to Remain will, we hope, be kicked out whenever an election comes.

Good riddance to the lot.

Loony luvvies

THE multi-millionaire luvvies of the Hypocrites Rebellion have excelled themselves.

We are now seriously invited to consider them victims stuck in the fossil fuel economy. The poor poppets!

The multi-millionaire luvvies of the Hypocrites Rebellion have excelled themselves

The multi-millionaire luvvies of the Hypocrites Rebellion have excelled themselves

So its not their fault they own multiple homes and cars, make millions in a high-carbon business and flit around the world in first class or on private jets. Nor that their carbon footprint is incalculably higher than millions of lesser mortals too poor to drive let alone fly.

The system is to blame not the luxuries they definitely wont be giving up.

We assume then that its not Lewis Hamiltons fault he thrashes petrol cars for a living while demanding everyone else gives up meat to save the planet. The Monte Carlo-based F1 ace is just helplessly trapped in the fossil fuel economy.

But these cosseted showbiz clowns cap it all by urging us to ignore their jaw-dropping hypocrisy because the real story is that the planet is dying.

Who told them that? IPCC scientists? Er, no. Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old the luvvies inexplicably cannot ignore.

They are wrong in so many ways. Not least in thinking the media wants them silenced. We enjoy their witterings enormously. And, luckily, the public doesnt listen to stars woke sermons.

Otherwise Corbyn would already be in power and we would all be eating our pets.

Gold meddle

THE Sun will always oppose nanny state meddling. But we have a soft spot for calorie counts on menus.

Why? Because theyre not a big imposition on big restaurant chains or customers.

They do provide the latter with a useful steer on what theyre eating.

And, as research reveals, they encourage restaurants to serve healthier grub.

Who knows? They might actually work.