Sir Keir Starmer Accused of Deceiving Public Over Illegal Migration Measures


Labour Leader's Inconsistencies Draw Criticism from Ministers

Sir Keir Starmer has come under fire for trying to mislead the public on illegal migration measures, according to claims made by ministers. They accused the Labour leader of flip-flopping on his stance after initially suggesting a returns scheme with the EU, only to rule it out later.

Hinting at a Deal with the EU

Sir Keir Starmer had previously hinted at a potential deal with the EU, where the UK would accept migrants in exchange for returning individuals who arrive illegally. However, speaking on Sky News, he clarified that the UK would not be part of the EU quota system, stating, "We are not an EU member."

"Complete Garbage"

In the same interview, Sir Keir Starmer criticized the government's stance on illegal migration, calling it "complete garbage." He emphasized that the Labour Party does not support open borders.

Accusations of Deception

Home Office Minister Robert Jenrick accused Sir Keir Starmer of shamelessly trying to deceive the British public on the issue of illegal migration. He claimed that Labour does not have the stomach to take tough action and stop the boats. Tory party chair Greg Hands echoed these sentiments, stating that you can't trust a word Sir Keir says.

Government's Commitment to "Stop the Boats"

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has recently pledged to "stop the boats" carrying migrants on perilous journeys across the Channel. This comes as the government's £120 million Rwanda plan, which aims to process asylum-seekers in Africa, is currently facing challenges in the courts.