Some Channel migrants are criminals who do not share British values, says Suella Braverman

A group of people thought to be migrants arrive on the beach in Dungeness, Kent, after being rescued by the RNLI Life Boat following a small boat incident in the Channel. Picture date: Tuesday April 4, 2023. PA Photo. Photo credit should read: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

SOME Channel migrants are criminals who do not share British values, Suella Braverman said yesterday.

The Home Secretary claimed police warned her that drug-dealing gangs who lead prostitution rings crossed so they could operate in the UK.

Suella Braverman said some Channel migrants are criminals who do not share British values

On LBC radio, she said: “We’re seeing heightened levels of criminality when related to the people who’ve come on boats, related to drug dealing, exploitation, prostitution.

“There are real challenges which go beyond the migration issue of people coming here illegally.”

And after a major speech, she told reporters: “In my conversations with many police chiefs around the country, they are now reporting back to me that the drugs gangs they’re dealing with are people who came on small boats.

“Not in all cases — but it is becoming a notable feature of everyday crime fighting on the streets of England and Wales.

“Many people are coming here illegally and getting very quickly involved in the drugs trade, in other exploitation, in criminality and prostitution.”

He frank comments came as ministers tried to calm Tories threatening to rebel over the Small Boats Bill.

MPs led by former minister Tim Loughton agreed to pull an amendment after thrashing out a compromise.

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick assured MPs children would be detained only “in the most limited circumstances” — and he would look at introducing a ceiling of 28 days.

And he vowed that within six months, he would bring forward plans for new safe and legal routes for migrants.

But Tories including former PM Theresa May warned the Bill risked failing victims of modern slavery.

Braverman says drug-dealing gangs have crossed into Britain