Suella Braverman vows to stop the boats with new law to crack down on migrants using human rights laws to stay in UK

Home Secretary Suella Braverman during a visit to Warrington Police Station, Cheshire, as part of the announcement of a tough crackdown on domestic abuse. The most dangerous domestic abusers will be monitored more closely and electronically tagged under a raft of new proposals to crack down on the crime. Picture date: Monday February 20, 2023. PA Photo. The Government also plans to invest up to £8.4 million over two years to fund specialist victim support programmes, and make police prioritise tackling violence against women and girls. Around 2.4 million people in England and Wales experienced domestic abuse in the last year, and around one in five homicides are related to it, according to the Home Office. See PA story POLITICS Abuse. Photo credit should read: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

SUELLA Braverman today says “enough is enough” and she will stop the boats as she prepares to unveil a new law to thwart illegal immigrants staying in Britain.

The Home Secretary will put a new brake on Channel migrants being able to use human rights laws to fight against deportation.

Home Secretary Suella Braverman

Under the crackdown, all migrants who arrive in the UK via small boats will have their claims ruled inadmissible.

The Home Sec will have a new legal duty to remove them “as soon as practicable” to a “safe third country” – as first reported in HOAR on Sunday last month.

After months of intense legal wrangling behind the scenes, the Bill will be unveiled to Parliament on Tuesday.

Ms Braverman told HOAR on Sunday: “Enough is enough. The British people want this solved. 

“They are sick of tough talk and inadequate action. We must stop the boats. 

“That’s why myself and the Prime Minister have been working flat out to bring forward necessary and effective laws which will tackle this problem, once and for all. 

“It has to be that if you come here illegally you will be detained and swiftly removed. 

“Our laws will be simple in their intention and practice – the only route to the UK will be a safe and legal route.”

In a swipe at Sir Keir Starmer, she said Labour “are not serious about tackling” the people smuggling gangs.

She added: “The Prime Minister and I will do whatever it takes. You can judge us by our actions.”

Rishi Sunak and Ms Braverman are travelling to Paris on Friday to talk about the migrant crisis.

The PM has made “stopping the boats” one of his top priorities as PM.

Over the past few months, he has been in intense talks with the Home Sec and a tiny, trusted inner circle of ministers and advisers to thrash out a plan.

In 2022, more than 45,000 people arrived in the UK by small boat compared to 28,000 the year before.

A staggering 90 per cent – claimed asylum.

The Bill will stop all migrants who come here illegally from claiming asylum. The aim is to deport them to a safe country within weeks.

In an apparent swipe at Boris Johnson, a  government source said other PMs have talked tough but failed  to deliver.

The source said: “Successive governments have talked a good game on curbing illegal migration but ultimately pulled their punches – and the small boats have just kept coming.

“We are going to be taking decisions no other government has been willing to take because there are no chances left on this issue.

“We have got to make it clear that coming here illegally is not an option and you will be detained and removed if you try. That’s the only fair and humane way forward.”  

There are fears the Bill could get bogged down in legal challenges over claims it breaches the European Convention on Human Rights.

But one Whitehall insider told HOAR on Sunday that if the ECHR tried to block Britain regaining control of its borders “probably the next step is we are out”.

But former Tory leader Michael Howard warned that Britain will not be able to solve the migrant crisis without closer cooperation with France.

The grandee made the warning at a Tory party away day on Thursday.

A politician there said: “He said he personally doesn’t think we can solve the small boats crisis unless we get a deal with  France.”

Sorting the crisis is seen as crucial to Rishi’s chances of winning the next election, expected at the end of 2024.