Suella Braverman Warns Illegal Migrants: “You’re Not Welcome in Britain”


Home Secretary Joins Greek Coastguards in Border Patrols

Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, has issued a strong warning to illegal migrants, stating that they are not welcome in Britain. In an interview, she emphasized that the ongoing crisis posed an unprecedented challenge for both Britain and Europe. Braverman joined Greek coastguards on the front line in an effort to address the issue firsthand.

Zero Tolerance Approach Needed to Stop Small Boats

Braverman stressed the importance of a zero tolerance approach to tackle the issue of small boats crossing the English Channel. She stated that now is not the time to be timid and that bold measures are necessary. Braverman also revealed that a Plan B is being developed in case the Supreme Court blocks the Rwanda deportation plan.

Greece's Success in Managing Migration Crisis

Greece, once at the heart of the migration crisis, has successfully reduced the number of migrant boat crossings. Through measures such as building a steel fence along its border with Turkey and increasing coastguard numbers and patrols, Greece has managed to significantly decrease the number of arrivals. Braverman joined the Hellenic Coast Guard to witness these measures in action.

Tough Deterrent Needed to Protect Borders

Braverman emphasized the need for a tough deterrent to protect borders, pointing to Greece's approach as an example. She expressed confidence in the value of the Rwanda deportation plan, stating that it represents deterrence. The Home Secretary highlighted the UK's commitment to safe and legal routes for genuine refugees as well.

Ruling on Rwanda Deportation Deal Expected Soon

The Supreme Court is expected to deliver its ruling on the legality of the Rwanda deportation deal in the coming weeks. If approved, the Home Office plans to begin deportations early next year. However, if the decision does not go in their favor, the Home Office has been working on a Plan B. Braverman stated that the government is planning for all eventualities.

Other Countries Considering Similar Deals

As the migrant crisis intensifies, other countries, including Austria, are considering their own versions of the Rwanda deportation deal. Braverman dismissed critics as soft-touches who fail to understand the threat that uncontrolled borders pose to security. She emphasized that illegal migration undermines rules and poses risks to public safety and security.

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