Three MPs accused of ‘lack of respect’ for troops by boozing on official Armistice Day flight


THREE MPs are accused of showing a “lack of respect” for our troops by drinking on an official Armistice Day flight.

One Labour member and two SNP pals allegedly started their binge at Heathrow before flying to Gibraltar for the commemorations.

A group of three MPs are under fire after drinking on an official Armistice Day flight
The Labour member and two SNP pals are accused of showing a ‘lack of respect’ for our troops as they started drinking at Heathrow before flying to Gibraltar

The trio, who were in a party of 15 MPs as part of the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme, are said to have become “lairy”.

One witness said: “It looked like they were going on a stag do.”

But the Labour MP denied matters got out of hand, claiming: “Everyone had had a few drinks on the flight.

“The issue for me is the medication I am taking. That affected my tolerance. I had the same amount to drink as the others. I do not know how many drinks I had — I wasn’t counting. It was less than five.”

That MP is understood to have missed official visits yesterday morning, including a meeting with Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo — though the SNP pair did take part.

A parliamentary staffer was so alarmed by the trio’s behaviour that they raised the matter back with the chairman of the Armed Forces scheme, Conservative MP James Gray.

‘Lack of respect’

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace is said to have erupted in fury when he heard — and vowed to write to Labour and the SNP to “express his disappointment”.

He added: “This type of behaviour shows a lack of respect for the enduring work of our Armed Forces.

“The scheme is an opportunity for both parliamentarians and the military to understand each other. This puts military personnel in a difficult position and risks undermining respect for Parliament.”

Another source claimed the SNP pair went into a rage when local health officials on the Rock questioned their Covid documents. The insider added: “They b****ck us for bad behaviour and then they go and do this. It’s staggering.”

Army officers are said to have intervened to tell the MPs that their behaviour was unacceptable. Mr Gray claimed the Labour MP “over-imbibed’’ on the journey and the other two “were also imbibing but not as drunk”.

He added: “I will be having a word with the Labour MP on Monday and saying, ‘Look, what happened here?’.” He did say the MPs were in their own time and the visit did not start officially until Wednesday.

Mr Gray added: “Had they got drunk in an officers’ mess, that would be my responsibility and I would, without question, dismiss the Labour MP from the course.

“As it is, in their own private life, they chose to get drunk on her way to a visit. But I’ll have a chat with the person about whether or not they feel comfortable continuing on the course.”

Rounding on the three politicians for their unprofessional behaviour, Mr Gray added: “I can’t remember a single occasion where anything like this occurred on one of our visits. They may have a glass of wine in the officers’ mess on an evening but they are very hard working visits.”

Mr Gray said a staffer had called him on Tuesday night to warn him of the problem.

Furious Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said ‘This type of behaviour shows a lack of respect for the enduring work of our Armed Forces’