Tory election win, a Parliament shutdown, two PMs & a battle for Brexit snaps reveal historic year for UK politics


AN election, a Parliament shutdown, two Prime Ministers and a battle for Brexit 2019 has been a historic year for British politics.

Theresa May resigned, Boris Johnson rose up in her place and now Jeremy Corbyn looks to be shunted to the backbenches after a disastrous Labour election.

It was a year with moments from the sublime to the ridiculous not to mention quite a few pets taking centre stage.

Away from Mrs Mays tears and Boris victory speech there was Nicola Sturgeon celebrating Jo Swinson getting ousted, Nigel Farage throwing his own political punches and Mr Corbyn giving Emily Thornberry a kiss.

There was also an empty chair stunt from the leader of Luxembourg, Jacob Rees Mogg chilling in the Commons and MPs finally saying bye bye Bercow.

Below are some of the best snaps of a truly whirlwind Westminster year.

Theresa May suffered one of the worst defeats in political history when her deal was thrown out back in January
Seven rebel MPs left Jeremy Corbyn humiliated when they quit the Labour Party over Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in February
Anti-Brexit Tory MPs Sarah Wollaston, Anna Soubry and Heidi Allen defected to The Independent Group
Anti-Brexit Tory MPs Sarah Wollaston, Anna Soubry and Heidi Allen defected from the Tories to The Independent Group in February
Labour MP Fiona Onasanya as she returned home in February after a month in jail after lying about a speeding ticket
Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn gets into a muddle with woman and a dog when attending the funeral of Newport MP Paul Flynn in March
Jeremy Corbyn was snapped in a canoe with no water in April

Nigel Farage claimed a stunning win in the European Parliament elections back in May – with his newly formed Brexit Party

Theresa May breaks down in tears as she officially announces her resignation outside No10 in May

Boris Johnson elected as the new Tory leader in July – and become Prime Minister
Boris Johnson and Donald Trump met for Brexit trade talks at the G7 in August where they were snapped roaring with laughter
Boris Johnson looks disgusted after he is told an inmate smuggled tobacco in a Kinder Egg during a visit to a prison in August

Carrie Symonds poses for a picture with her new 15-week-old puppy Dilyn in the gardens of Downing Street in September

Prime Minister of Luxembourg Xavier Bettel empty chair’s Boris Johnson during a press conference in September

Gina Miller smiles as she addresses journalists after the Supreme Court ruled Boris’ shutdown was unlawful in September

The Leader of the Commons Jacob Rees Mogg lies down on the benches while listening to a debate on the future of Brexit in September

John Bercow welled up as he announced his resignation as Speaker to MPs in the Commons in September

 <a href=''>Boris Johnson</a> and Jeremy Corbyn appeared incredibly awkward as they walked in together” width=”960″ height=”579″ /><figcaption class=

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn appeared to share an awkward moment as they walk through the House of Commons for the first Queen’s Speech in October

A rather confused Emily Thornberry gets a kiss from Corbyn during a Labour rally in October
Boris Johnson shares a laugh with other EU leaders after sealing his new deal without the backstop – in October

MPs finally backed a Brexit deal – but voted down Boris’ speedy three-day timetable in October

Nigel Farage throws a few jabs at gym in Chesterfield, Derbyshire while out on the campaign trail in December
A clip appeared to catch leaders including Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron speaking about Donald Trump
A clip appeared to catch leaders including Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron speaking about Donald Trump at a Nato summit in December

Boris said: 'We want to invest in the NHS, crack down on crime, tackle climate change and keep taxes low  our priorities are your priorities'

Boris Johnson smashes through the deadlock in a ‘Get Brexit Done’ JCB in December with just days to go before polling day

Boris Johnson celebrates the results of the exit poll on December 12 with his girlfriend Carrie Symonds in No10
Nicola Sturgeon celebrates after the SNP took Jo Swinson's seat
Nicola Sturgeon celebrates after the SNP took Jo Swinson’s seat on December 12
Boris Johnson addresses the nation as Prime Minister outside No10 after winning with a majority on December 12
Boris Johnson and Theresa May hug and make up to celebrate the Tory election win in December
Her Majesty delivered Boris Johnson’s new Queen’s Speech in December – just weeks after the last one
Boris Johnson grins as MPs finally pass his Brexit deal through before breaking up for Christmas