Tory MPs in Secret Defection Talks with Reform Party, Says Leader Richard Tice


Tory MPs have been engaging in secret discussions with the Reform Party about defecting, according to party leader Richard Tice. Tice revealed that more than one Conservative politician has been using backchannels to explore the possibility of switching parties. This comes after a tumultuous week for Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who faced a significant rebellion over the Rwanda plan and experienced a decline in popularity in the polls.

Increasing Desperation in the Red Wall

Richard Tice spoke to HOAR on Sunday, stating that there is growing desperation among Red Wall Tories. He claimed that some of these MPs have been considering defecting to the Reform Party through third parties. Tice emphasized that there is more than one MP involved in these discussions.

A source close to Reform added that if Nigel Farage were to campaign for the Reform Party with full enthusiasm, the trickle of MPs considering defection could turn into a stream.

Tough Week for Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak faced a challenging week as 58 Tories rebelled against his Rwanda Bill, advocating for amendments to make it more stringent. However, the rebellion ultimately fizzled out, with only 11 Tories voting against the bill in the final vote. Despite this, the Prime Minister's office received another blow with a YouGov poll showing the Tories at their lowest point since Liz Truss, at just 20 percent. In contrast, the Reform Party is polling at 12 percent and is gaining support from dissatisfied Tories.

Reform Party sources expressed their excitement, stating that they anticipate an even greater boost in the polls if Nigel Farage publicly supports and campaigns for the party in the next election.

Mystery Donor and Grim Poll

In the midst of these developments, Tory leaders are attempting to uncover the identity of a mystery donor within the Conservative Party. This donor funded a poll that projected a landslide defeat for the Tories. The survey was strategically leaked to the press during Rwanda week in order to inflict maximum damage on the Prime Minister.

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