UK Education Secretary to Compel Teacher Unions to Keep Schools Open During Strikes



Education Secretary Gillian Keegan is set to announce a crackdown on teacher unions, requiring them to keep schools open on strike days.

Compulsory Minimum Service Levels

Under the new plans, teacher unions will be legally compelled to ensure a minimum service level during walkouts, preventing complete school closures.

Voluntary Agreement Rejected

Gillian Keegan initially sought voluntary agreements with the unions, but they refused to agree to minimum service levels.

Opposition from the National Education Union

The National Education Union has criticized the proposals, arguing that they undermine the right to strike.

Legal Action as the Last Resort

After failed negotiations, Gillian Keegan will launch a consultation as the first step towards legislation, citing the need to prevent further disruption to students.

Past Strikes and Their Impact

Last academic year, 10 days of strike action led to a total of 25 million school days lost, causing chaos for parents and pupils.

Tough Laws to Face Union Opposition

The introduction of tough laws is expected to spark a fresh row with the unions and trigger more anger.

Expansion of Minimum Service Levels

In addition to schools, minimum service levels legislation is also being considered for rail, ambulances, and border security staff.


The UK government's move to compel teacher unions to keep schools open during strikes is aimed at minimizing disruption to students and ensuring the provision of education.

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