UK Representatives Take Separate Private Jets to Cop28 Climate Change Conference


Private Travel Plans Raise Concerns about UK's Climate Commitments

In a move that has drawn criticism from the Liberal Democrats, it has been revealed that UK representatives, including the King, Prime Minister, and David Cameron, will all be taking separate private jets to attend the Cop28 climate change conference in Dubai. This decision has raised concerns about the country's commitment to tackling climate change.

Only Energy Secretary Flies Commercial

Out of the four UK representatives, only Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho will be flying commercially to the desert gathering. The Prime Minister's plane, however, will use 30% sustainable aviation fuel and carbon offsetting measures will be implemented to minimize the overall impact of the aircraft's use.

Criticisms from the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have condemned the decision to take separate flights, stating that it sends the wrong signals about the UK's climate commitments. They argue that the UK should be leading the way at Cop28 and taking steps towards a cleaner future, rather than slashing net zero targets and opting for polluting private flights.

The Government's Response

In response to the criticism, a Government spokesperson explained that the UK's approach to tackling climate change is not about banning or reducing flying for individuals, but rather investing in new green technologies like sustainable aviation fuel. They also emphasized that UK Government Ministers fly commercially whenever possible and carbon offset when it is not feasible.

Key Events at Cop28

The Cop28 conference will begin on Thursday and continue until December 12 at Expo City Dubai. The King is scheduled to deliver an address at the opening ceremony, addressing heads of state, government leaders, and delegates. Additionally, the King will join His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, to officially launch the Cop28 Business and Philanthropy Climate Forum on Thursday evening.

PM's Green Initiatives

In an attempt to bolster his green credentials ahead of the climate talks, the Prime Minister announced plans for a new national park in England and increased protection for urban wildlife havens and trees. He emphasized the importance of nature in the fight against climate change and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.