Vaccine hope will give Britain ‘two big boxing gloves’ to defeat coronavirus, Boris Johnson vows


BORIS Johnson has hailed Britain’s brilliant vaccine developments as giving the nation “two big boxing gloves” to help defeat coronavirus.

The PM used PMQs today to congratulate scientists for their breakthrough – after it was revealed a potential vaccine may stop 90 per cent of people from becoming infected.

Boris said the vaccine would not be a knock out blow to the virus

But it would provide two boxing gloves to deliver a punch up to the virus

He told MPs today that the news was positive, but Brits must not let up on following lockdown rules until it can be rolled out safely.

The PM insisted: “It’s fantastic news we now have the realistic prospect of a vaccine Mr Speaker.

“Science has given us two big boxing gloves, as it were, with which to pummel this virus.

“But neither of them is capable of delivering a knockout blow, and that’s why this country needs to continue to work hard and keep discipline.”

Hospitals and GPs have been told to get ready to dish out the vaccine within three weeks if it’s deemed to be safe in the coming days.

Regulators may take just a week to rubber stamp the vaccine – which is being created by pharma giant Pfizer.

The vaccine has proven to be 90 per cent effective against coronavirus

Pfizer vaccine goes into production in Germany 

The PM honouring the nation’s war dead this lunchtime

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