What Boris Johnson’s new England lockdown rules means for you


BORIS Johnson today hailed the end of the “national hibernation”.

This means from July 4 Brits will be able to head to the pub, restaurants, hairdressers and get married again.

People will be allowed to head to the pub again and sit indoors with one other household

Boris has announced he will cut down the 2m rule to 1 metre plus

Most places will be able to reopen from next Saturday and the PM announced the 2 metre social distancing rule has been changed to “one metre plus”.

This means people should try and keep 2 metres apart, but where they cannot they should take care to use other measures – such as face masks – to lower the risk of catch and spreading coronavirus.

In restaurants this will mean making sure tables are back-to-back or even have screens between them.

Can I go out for a drink or dinner?

From next Saturday Brits will be able to go out for dinner or go to the pub.

But crucially people can only go with one other household if sitting indoors – it doesn’t have to be same one every time – but groups shouldn’t include more than two household groups.

Pubs will only be allowed to provide table service so there will be no crowding around the bar waiting to order a pint.

Numbers in venues will also be limited.

Can I go over to a friends house and stay overnight?

People are now allowed to go one another’s homes but there can only be one household at a time indoors.

There are no limits on the number of people allowed indoors as long as people socially distance, and don’t touch – that means no hugging.

People don’t have to stick to one household to visit either – but they won’t be able to do it at the same time.

It means families won’t have to choose between different sets of grandparents – they just wont be able to see them at the same time.

Friends and families can also stay overnight as long as there’s only one other household.

How will NHS test and trace work with eased lockdown?

When heading out to a restaurant or pub people will have to give businesses their details.

If there is an outbreak, this will enable contact tracers to follow up easily with anyone who may have been in contact with an infected person.

Can I go on holiday in Britain?

Hotels, B&Bs, holiday lettings and campsites will be allowed to reopen on July 4th meaning people will be able to spend the first night out of their home for the first time since lockdown.

People with second homes will also be allowed to use those.

People in England can holiday with one other household as long as social distancing is followed.

Can I get a haircut?

Hairdressers will also be allowed to reopen and fix many of the DIY hair cuts people resorted to during lockdown.

Some hairdressers have said they will open at midnight to get through the backlog of appointments.

But people won’t be able to go to nail bars or massueses.

What won’t open up?

Indoor gyms, pools casinos, bowling alleys, skating rinks, indoor play areas and spas will all stay closed

These are areas the Government has flagged as higher risk.

The PM has not yet set out a date he expects theses places to be able to open.

What else is opening up?

Cinemas, theatres, concert halls and places of worshop will be able to resume services.

But singing won’t be allowed because there is a risk it can spread infection – so this means no opera or hymns at church.

Weddings will also be allowed to restart but with a maximum of 30 guests.