Who is Esther McVey’s husband Philip Davies and do they have any children?


Esther McVey's Political Career

Esther McVey, the former Work and Pensions Secretary, has been appointed as the "common sense tsar" by PM Rishi Sunak. McVey, who was born in Liverpool, started her career in media and later became the first and only Conservative MP on Merseyside since 1997. She has held various ministerial roles and defended the Tory seat of Tatton in Cheshire in the 2017 General Election. Currently, she is a backbench MP and part-time TV presenter for GB News.

Philip Davies: A Backbencher with a Strong Voice

Philip Davies, McVey's husband, was born in Doncaster and worked for ASDA before entering politics. He won the seat of Shipley in West Yorkshire in 2005 and has since been known for his strong voice as a backbencher. Davies has voted against the Tory whip more than 250 times and is famous for filibustering and speaking up for his constituents.

A Parliament Wedding for the Couple

Esther McVey and Philip Davies tied the knot in Parliament's St Mary Undercroft chapel in 2020. The couple first met in 2011 and announced their plans to marry in April 2019. McVey was attracted to Davies' "cracking sense of humour" and they hope to have a wedding ceremony sometime next year.

No Children for McVey and Davies

Esther McVey and Philip Davies do not have any children together. McVey has expressed her desire to have children but has not met the right person to start a family with. Davies has two sons from his previous relationship with Deborah Gail Hemsley.