Who is Pat Mountain? UKIP interim leader who took over from Richard Braine


UKIP has yet another leader as the General Election enters the home stretch.

Here’s what we know about Patricia Mountain, the new helms-woman at the head of the good ship UKIP.

Pat Mountain is the new interim leader of UKIP

Who is Patricia Mountain?

Pat Mountain was the UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate in South East in the European Parliament (UK) elections .

They got 56,487 votes.

Describing UKIP she said: “As a straightforward, loyal, honest and fair Party speaking with a simple tongue, we can be the Party for the working class.

“The working classes of this country are crying out for an alternative to Labour Party.

“With a good and loyal crew, we can steer the good ship UKIP into clear waters, and hope that the order – ‘all hands on deck’ will not be required.”

In a car crash interview with Adam Boulton she said: I thought youd ask me about Tommy Robinson. Now, there are some people in the party who are sympathetic with the predicament that Tommy Robinson is in.

“But unlike other parties, you know, because of his association with other racist parties well, not other racist parties racist parties, our constitution clearly says that he cannot be permitted to join us.

Who did she replace?

Mountain replaced the unfortunately named Dick Braine.

Mr Braine resigned after less than three months in the role following a clash with the party’s national executive in October.

One source said Ukip appeared to be on its last legs as a party, and might potentially field no candidates in the general election in December.

In a resignation letter seen by the Kipper Central website, Braine said his efforts to lead the party had been met with pre-emptive opposition from senior figures including the Ukip chair, Kirstan Herriot, including a block on appointments.

I did not join Ukip in order to waste time on internal conflict, but I have found myself powerless to prevent a purge of good members from the party, Braine wrote.

I had believed that Ukip was a highly democratic party, but I have not been able to stop political interference in Ukip ballots. I cannot therefore stand publicly for Ukip with a clear conscience.