Women flee trade union in row over trans rights and name badges with pronouns


WOMEN are fleeing the UK’s biggest union after being accused of working with far-right extremists in the row over trans rights.

Woke Unison bosses want town hall workers to wear name badges with pronouns as part of a string of controversial policies.

Women are leaving Unison, the UK’s biggest union, after being accused of working with far-right extremists in the row over trans rights. Pictured Maya Forstater

Members must be trained to be a “trans ally”.

And they are expected to fight back against “gender critical” views of those who think people should be categorised by biological sex and not gender.

It was all in a motion rubber-stamped at Unison’s local government conference in Brighton.

And it blasted a “concerted international campaign” of people who put sex over gender, claiming it is “linked to far right and religious-right groups”.



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Now angry members are set to cancel their subs, despite some being in the 1.3-million-strong union for years.

One said: “You can have rights for trans people without forcing pronouns on people or telling women they can’t have same-sex rape services.

“Four of my colleagues are also leaving Unison because of this — it no longer represents us or the women we help.”

Another named only as Samantha said the union effectively voted to remove women’s single-sex spaces, saying: “Unison’s officially thrown women under the bus.

“The Handmaid’s Tale is becoming reality.”

Discrimination lawyer Audrey Ludwig warned Unison’s plan could break equality laws.

A tribunal last year backed researcher Maya Forstater who claimed “gender critical beliefs” are protected views.

A Unison spokesperson said last night: “Everyone must be protected from discrimination at work.

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“Trans people can face incredible hostility.

“This move — backed by a union that’s overwhelmingly female — reaffirms a commitment to winning equality for all.”