Amelia Spencer star Daisy Campbell reveals surprising bond with Emmerdale co-star

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DAISY Campbell has been a part of life in the eponymous Dales since her debut in 2011.

Throughout her years in Emmerdale, one of her co-stars has stood out and it’s not just her on-screen father Liam Fox.

Amelia Spencer is set for some troubled times in upcoming weeks

Actress Daisy Campbell recently revealed how close she was to one of Emmerdale co-stars

She branded Mandy Dingle actress Lisa Riley a “second mum”

Sixteen-year-old Amelia Spencer has been thrown into an emotional rollercoaster in recent months.

Regular viewers of the ITV soap have seen the teen become a mother following the surprise birth of her daughter Esther during the show’s fiftieth anniversary in October, 2022.

She has since been trying to balance her life as a young mother with her social media presence which she decided to grow to provide for Esther and help her struggling father Dan, played by Liam Fox.

Thankfully for her, Amelia has received the support of village beautician Mandy Dingle and the pair have formed a close bond.

It’s therefore no surprise to know that both Daisy Campbell and Lisa Riley are just as close off-screen.

The nineteen-year-old recently expressed her admiration for Lisa during a chat with HOAR and other press.

“I love Lisa Riley, I feel like she’s my second mum”, she said.

“She’s amazing, she always gives me tips. I’ve learned a lot from working with her just these past few months. I love working with Lisa, she’s my favourite.”

Daisy also mentioned that she’s equally close with Dan Spencer actor Liam Fox and the pair are due for another set of tough times as Amelia’s online endeavours turn dangerous.

As viewers may remember, Amelia has turned to social media to become an influencer and make money.

While initially reluctant to allow her to make a living as an influencer, Dan eventually saw how well Amelia was doing online and support her idea.

But her dreams turn awry when a fan becomes too persistent.

“She’s being quite tortured mentally, he plays with her head a lot and it’s hard because he’s done it in such a good way”, Daisy explained when questioned about the upcoming storyline.

“Amelia’s very stubborn so she goes through things and she’ll put it to the back of her mind. I feel like she’s forgotten what happened to her last year and she’s not really taking into consideration how scary of a situation it is.”

And according to the actress, Amelia could be reaching a breaking point as the story goes on.

“She tried to make something of herself, she had a tricky year last year, she’s got a baby. She’s trying to provide for Esther, she’s helping Dan out. But she’s going through it again. I think this is the point where Amelia’s probably going to break a bit. But we’ll see.”

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.

Amelia became a social media influencer to help her struggling father Dan

But one of her followers will become too persistent
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