BBC EastEnders fans call out editing blunder as Keanu Taylor actor calls co-star by his ‘real name’


FANS of EastEnders have been left convinced that there was an editing blunder in one of this week’s episode when Keanu Taylor appeared to call his co-star by his real name.

Keanu – played by Danny Walters – has taken centre stage on the soap this week but now it appears that talk has shifted from his storyline to an apparent mix-up he suffered during Monday night’s episode.

Fans picked up on an apparent blunder

They claim Keanu called his co-star by the wrong name

Fans know that Keanu has managed to get him caught up in Ravi Gulati’s no-good ways.

Keanu had been searching for an easy way to get some cash quick but it all spectacularly backfired for the Albert Square heartthrob.

Seeking comfort in Ravi, he was able to offer him up some criminal activity to get rich quick.

Keanu ended up moving drugs for Ravi which led to him being late for his son Albie’s christening.

Once inside the venue, disaster struck again for Keanu when the Police raided his van.

Since then, he has been brutally attacked by Ravi and his gang and has found himself in hospital where he has been recovering from his injuries.

But all this has gone under the radar after fans accused Keanu actor Danny of referring to his co-star by his real name.

Eagle-eyed fans claim that Keanu called Zack Hudson, James.

Zack is played by actor James Farrar.

Quick to comment on the blunder online, “Did anyone else notice Keanu calling Zack ‘James’ in tonight’s episode?”

Another said: “I noticed and wondered who James was.”

A third added: “Yes! I rewound it twice to hear it again!”

As a fourth expressed shock at BBC bosses for not editing the moment out: “Surprised they didn’t edit it out to be honest.”

Despite this, some fans alleged that he said the word ‘chaps’ instead of James.

“No he didn’t. He said chaps not James,” said one, before being echoed by another.

It seems that they were in fact right – subtitles from the BBC soap show that Keanu said “chaps” during his scene with Zack.

Fans saw Ravi arrested last night for the attack on Keanu after Sharon reported him to the cops.

However, he said the word ‘chaps’ now James
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