Belle Dingle goes missing after getting horrifying news in Emmerdale

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BELLE Dingle’s mental health takes a turn for the worse next week and her family grows increasingly concerned for her.

It all begins when news from a serial killer reaches Emmerdale, sending her into a panic.

Belle Dingle gets news from one of Emmerdale’s biggest serial killers

Her work life becomes affected

Chas and Tom soon have to be on the lookout for her

The Dingles will have a lot on their plate next week, particularly following Caleb Milligan is left in a coma by a mystery attacker who pushed him over a ravine.

But while the police look for somebody to blame, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) soon hears that Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) has gone off alone.

This prompts her and Belle’s boyfriend Tom King (James Chase) to head off in search of her.

The weight of their shared history is awkward and Tom decides to apologise once again for the events that took place before he left the eponymous village in 2013.

But they soon have to cut the conversation short as they spot an isolated Belle and fear her mental health has taken a turn for the worse.

Belle was diagnosed with schizophrenia several years ago and was thrown into horrific episodes which involved auditory and visual hallucinations.

What causes her to spiral?

The character finds out next week that her former boyfriend and serial killer Lachlan White is being moved to another prison.

Worried, she opens up to Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) about her anxieties around Lachlan’s prison transferral.

Diehard fans of the Yorkshire-based drama will remember that Lachlan wreaked havoc in the Dales, turning Belle’s life into a nightmare.

He most notably orchestrated a huge plan to get revenge on her family from prison which caused the Woolpack to be set ablaze.

Lachlan was last seen on our screens in 2019 and remains in a maximum state prison for his deeds.

Belle is overwhelmed and worried about troubling Tom which leads her to the decision to keep the information from him but she books an appointment with her therapist.

At work, Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) accidentally triggers Belle’s anxieties.

It becomes clear Belle’s really struggling and Vinny finds her in an anxious state.

The following day, Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) unwittingly reveals to Tom how Belle’s dealt with a lot of trauma and he’s worried what she’s neglected to tell him.

Tom demands the full truth from Rhona and Jai but is concerned he’s been unable to reach Belle – leading to Chas finding out she’s wandered off alone.

Should Belle’s loved ones be worried about her mental health?

How will Belle cope with the news about Lachlan White?

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Belle was diagnosed with schizophrenia years ago

Could she be spiralling?