Cain Dingle makes devastating decision after Kyle bombshell in Emmerdale

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EMMERDALE’S Cain Dingle makes a life-changing decision about his son Kyle Winchester – but will he live to regret it?

Next week on the Dales, Cain has a home truth to face up to.

Cain thinks Kyle’s violence is a reflection of his parenting

Is Kyle better off moving away with Amy?

A heartbroken Moira cannot believe Cain’s decision

Matty is delighted when Amy reaffirms their engagement is about her love for him, not just a ploy to get custody of Kyle and Amy takes strength from Matty’s support.

Soon Cain enlists Caleb in the battle over Kyle’s future, but Moira pleads with him to avoid making things worse.

However soon it’s war between both parties as Caleb intervenes and ends up upsetting Amy. 

Matty reassures Amy after her encounter with Caleb.

Meanwhile, things take a turn after a violent altercation between kids Carl and Kyle and Nicola threatens to call the police on Kyle, which leaves Amy reeling.

Cain is quick to blame Amy for the incident.

Both Amy and Cain plead with Nicola not to call the police.

It’s Amy’s appeal that causes Nicola to relent, which leaves Cain guilty to know the community sees Kyle’s violence as a reflection of his parenting. 

Before long Moira is stunned as Cain tells her they need to let Kyle go, for his own good.

Moira’s horrified Cain views himself as a malign influence on Kyle and doesn’t just want to give Amy full custody of his son, but plans to cut himself completely out of Kyle’s life.

He wants Amy to move away with the boy and give his son the chance to start again.

A heartbroken Moira tells resolute Cain he’s making a mistake that will haunt him to his dying day.

But can she get through to him before it’s too late?

Will Amy seize the opportunity to have Kyle to herself?

Emmerdale airs weeknight at 7:30pm on ITV.

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