Coronation Street: Asha Alahan Trapped with Dangerous Men


Asha Alahan's Uncomfortable Encounter

Asha Alahan finds herself in a troubling situation as she becomes trapped with two dangerous men in Coronation Street. As the campaign against 'murderer Roy' intensifies, trolls target the cafe owner, leading to a shocking turn of events.

Hostage Situation for Roy's Pet Pooch

In a shocking twist, three individuals kidnap Roy's beloved dog, Freddie, and demand a confession for a murder. Asha takes charge to track down the online trolls responsible, leading to a risky encounter with Trueman67 and Banditman.

Asha's Dilemma and Aadi's Disappearance

While Asha plans to unmask the men behind the troll accounts, her twin Aadi gets caught up in unexpected events. Concerned for Aadi's safety, Asha faces a series of awkward questions from the dangerous men, raising the question of her own safety.

What's Next for Asha and Aadi?

As tensions rise in Coronation Street, viewers are left to wonder if Asha is in danger and how Aadi will react when he discovers his twin has taken matters into her own hands. Stay tuned for the unfolding drama on the popular soap opera.

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