Coronation Street fans break down in tears as Billy Mayhew finally learns truth about dying boyfriend Paul Foreman


CORONATION Street fans have broken down in tears after Billy Mayhew finally discovered boyfriend Paul Foreman is dying.

Paul has been hiding his diagnosis of motor neurone disease for weeks, but tonight he faced court for car theft and the secret came out.

Viewers have been left in tears by tonight’s Coronation Street

Billy Mayhew finally discovered his boyfriend Paul Foreman is dying

At first Paul wasn’t going to even go to court, insisting he would be better off behind bars. 

But after getting a reality check from Damon Hay, Paul decided to go to court and face his sentencing.

As he arrived he spoke to Dee Dee to try and lighten the mood but as they chatted Paul was horrified to see Billy had followed him and walked in.

And in a heartbreaking twist, Paul’s medical records and MND diagnosis had already been submitted to the court for his defence.

“He can’t find out, not like this,” Paul said but there was nothing he could do.

Later the magistrate said: “All the magistrates have received a copy of the supporting documents and time is of the essence, particularly to you young man.

“So let’s get this underway, car theft is a serious offence and carries a custodial sentence, however I understand from your medical records that you’ve been recently diagnoses with motor neurone disease.

“And in light of your condition, I don’t believe it’s in anyone’s best interests to send you to prison therefore you will receive a suspended sentence.”

At the back of the court, Billy was devastated and couldn’t hold back his emotions hearing that Paul would soon die.

“It’s my decision when I tell people,” shouted Paul.

“I think it’s pretty obvious we don’t have a future. I’m dying.”

But as Paul tried to walk away he stumbled and fell into Billy and began sobbing, as Billy broke down too.

And viewers joined them sobbing at the scenes.

One wrote: “This was such a tough watch.”

A second said: “I don’t think I can emotionally cope with this MND storyline and where it’s going.”

Another added: “Aww Paul and Billy my heart.”

At the back of the court, Billy was devastated and couldn’t hold back his emotions hearing that Paul would soon die
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